ASL/ROC Nr. G1425D

Step Above is a diverse ROC home to seasoned talent.

Step Above's ROC allows them to legally operate drones in controlled airspace, over people and crowds, near national key-point, at night, over national roads, and within San Parks.


Assembled for their sector by sector expertise, Step Above's pilots are each industry-leaders and are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with drones and their data.

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Step Above is majority Black-owned and Black Run.


We continuously seek to diversify the too often homogenous spaces in which we operate.


Nurturing Step Above's efforts in the agricultural sector, Kgolane Jack helps crop farmers find and tackle legacy challenges with new data from an elevated perspective.



From Antarctica to Arizona, Step Above's award winning cinematographer, Hloni Coleman, help our clients capture some of the globes most beautiful and unique sights, sharing with the world, scenes and perspectives often inaccessible or impossible before the advent of unmanned aerail cinematography.

Sand Dunes


By turning some of South Africas most colossal infrastructure and industrial projects into rich manipulatable 3D models and data sets, Step Above Mapping, headed by Jack has brought about record-breaking reductions in project timelines and cost.

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