Drones and Covid 19


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Over the past half-decade, we have seen unmanned aircraft infiltrate a myriad of industries. From film to security they have extended our reach, changed our perspective and put cutting edge technology into the hands of the masses.

Today the number of innovations brought about through the use of drones grow, so does our ability to imagine more ways to deploy these miracle machines, especially in times of crisis when innovation is needed most.

As South Africa prepares for a three-week lockdown we at Step Above have codified some of the possible ways that we see our machines and pilots being of use during the current crisis and beyond.

Drones as information distrobution

RPAs equipped with speakers are able to deliver information to the public over large areas in a short amount of time as well as access spaces otherwise inaccessible by road or foot.

Drones as analytical tools

During this lockdown period, we propose deploying drones to extend the eyes and reach of law enforcement.


Over the course of one flight, Step Above is able to provide authorities with an overview of an entire suburb, providing information on public presence in prohibited spaces, lines at grocers/pharmacies and vehicle movement. 

Safe Pilots Safe Public


Given the lack of pilots, drones can affect change and gather data without placing pilots at risk. Their plastic, metal and carbon fibre chassis are naturally antimicrobial and can be sterilized between each deployment.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imagery can be used to monitor and aid entire communities. From suburban sprawl to informal settlements drones can be used to identify where people are most densely clustered and/or in need.

Drones and thermal imagery can also be used to identify and discourage prohibited movement at night in closed public spaces such as beaches. 

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